Sadly this is the last blog post due in this class, but all good things have to come to an end. Or maybe not if I decide to keep my blog going! Maybe I will want to keep writing down different bucket list ideas so that I never forget one, or if I decide not to do something, I can read why I wanted to in the first place!

One thing that may sound crazy, but I want to do, is move to Scotland! Why Scotland of the many places in the world to live? The weather is cloudy, gloomy, colder and wet so why leave the Sunshine state for that? Well for some reason that is my favorite type of weather! I have no idea why! I love hearing the noise of the rain as it hits the roof of the house, and I love the cold. I also read some old love stories that were set in Scotland, and her detail of the terrain were so descriptive and beautiful, without seeing a picture I fell in love! That’s probably the most absurd thing anyone has every heard, but it’s true!

Another reason I want to live in Scotland are because the accents! That deep accents they have are amazing! I probably won’t understand half of what they say, especially if they speak fast, but I just think that their accents are sexy! If I ever met someone with that accent I would fall at their feet! Maybe I will learn how to speak with a Scottish accent! The clothes would be nice as well, only if young built men wore the kilts to show off their legs! The people are friendly (or supposed to be) and the people aren’t extremely drunk like everyone portrays them to be.

The best reason of all, besides the beautiful view all around you, is that Scotland’s National animal is the Unicorn. Now those are some optimistic people! I would love to surround myself around the people and their culture. Maybe even learn some Gaelic, but probably not.


That would be the beautiful view to see whenever I leave my house! I will be happy to move to Scotland!

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Probably one of the most cliche things to do in your life would be to backpack across Europe, and of course I really want to do this! I have always wanted to go on a plane and start my trip in England, right after High School. I will have to wait one year until Kayla graduates so that she can come with me without worrying about her parents, her mom said that she would come with us… No thanks! I rather do this trip solely with teenagers or twenty-year-old’s surrounding me! No offense to my aunt, I do love her, but this is more of a young thing to do.

I would like to stay at youth hostels with other people my age doing the same thing as me. I would want to stay in one place for a while and be able to work my way around the different countries. I would meet great people (or weird who knows) in these different places and experience things no one else would be able to. I would also be able to experience the different cultures and foods that these places have! We would be able to take the train, since they practically connect you everywhere in Europe.

I know a girl who is skipping her freshman year of college to just be able to travel Europe, and all her pictures show me what a great time it would be if I did this! I know she stays at places longer than I would expect, but I know she’s having a fun time meeting new people. I don’t think I would want to take a whole school year off just to travel Europe, so maybe I could spend one summer visiting some places, and the next visiting the rest! I don’t know those details yet, but I do know I will be going backpacking across Europe one day!

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Lights Cameras Action

I love movies and actors/actresses. I can name almost every movie someone describes to me, and the actor who play in it (it’s a gift honestly). People either are impressed with that wonderful knowledge or they are like my parents and worry about me because I “watch too many movies”. But is there really a limit to how many movies one person can watch? I think not. I should change my career and become a movie critic, now that would be a wonderful job, just sit and watch movies while eating that buttery popcorn. From watching so many movies, I have come to know my favorite actors and actresses, more like the hottest actors, and my one and only will always be, Leonardo DiCaprio.

The one thing I have set my mind to do, and WILL do in the future is meet Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t know what it is about him, but something connected me to him, and I don’t care how old he is, when I turn 18 I will meet him and make him fall in love with me. One night when I was in a hotel room with my parents, I was supposed to be asleep, but my dad had the TV on and playing was the Titanic. Sadly the part that was playing was where the passengers were all dying and Jack Dawson’s friend was crushed with the ships funnel. When I saw that I never wanted to go on a cruise. However, a couple years later I decided to watch the Titanic from the beginning in the 6th grade, and I have never been more in love with a human being. After Jack Dawson dies (he definitely could have fit with Rose) I was depressed for what felt like a month.

Then the obsession started, I watched almost everyone of his movies (except for the rated R ones) and I even did a report about his life in the 7th grade. Everyone and anyone knows I am in love with him, and will do anything to meet him in person, even if I have to fake some disease and use the Make A Wish Foundation to meet him. Whenever someone tells me “eww but he’s so old”, I cross them out of my life, because I don’t need that negativity. I also don’t like when girls say they are in love with him, he’s mine…

I WILL meet him one day, and if he happens to fall in love with me and ask me to marry him, even better! Maybe then I can show him this blog post and he will know my love for him is real. Or maybe he will read this and invite me to visit him, I don’t care as long as I meet him!

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White Picket Fence

This may sound weird that a 16 year old girl’s dream is to have a husband and kids, but it has always been my dream! I told my mom that what I really wanted was to have a stay at home husband to take care of my four children. Two boys and two girls, hopefully I have the boy first, then two girls (I wish they could be twins), and then the last one be a boy. I have no idea what I will name them, but there are a lot of baby names out there! I really want to build a house that will allow each of my kids to have their own rooms, a huge playroom, nice living room, and a big backyard. I definitely want a movie room with a huge TV, so that I can watch movies comfortably with my family. It would also be cool not to go to the movies all the time.

I want dalmatians! Ever since I saw 101 Dalmatians I knew I would grow up and own them! They are such beautiful dogs! They aren’t born with spots, they get them after a couple weeks. I would probably name them after the ones in the movie too. I also want horses, especially Appaloosas, they have black spots just like dalmatians, which I think is funny!

Kayla and I always planned on moving next door to one another so that we can see each other whenever we wanted to. The one thing we also planned on were underground tunnels leading to our houses! That way we have a direct path to one another and can spend time together! I would have suggested that we build a house big enough for two families, but it probably wouldn’t work out with our husbands and kids. Our husbands will have to know that Kayla and I will never be able to be apart from one another, and our kids will always be together and will HAVE to become best friends too.

I honestly can’t wait to have that wonderful family, the house, those tunnels, and especially the white picket fence!

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The Big Apple

You’ve all seen the movies and TV shows where the main character lives in New York. Gossip Girl and Sex and the City are two of my favorite shows which take place in the Big City. They make it seem like a glamorous lifestyle, where you go to Saks on 5th Avenue, Times Square, and Central Park all the time. That is why on my bucket list I want to go visit or even live in New York for Christmas, New Years Eve, and during the summer.

It’s the largest city in the United States, and you can tell it’s always packed! The traffic is bumper to bumper, and so are the side walks. I would love to be able to walk down the streets of New York and see all the interesting things. The first thing I would want to do is go on a tour and see the Statue of Liberty! I will also be a typical tourist and go to the Empire State Building, go to the highest floor and look down! I also would love to go to where Good Morning America is taped and go on TV! It would be so much fun to stand out waiting for the anchors! I would also like to go to the Rockefeller Center and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

However, the thing I have always wanted to do in New York was order Chinese Take-Out! I always wanted to, since it was always in movies. I also want to go to all the coffee shops in the city, I love coffee! I would like to take my cousin Kayla again and my best friend Emma, and stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel! It’s only $695 a night! That’s nothing…

There are so many things to do in New York, I can’t wait to visit it! I wouldn’t be able to live there though, there are way too many people for me!

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Tallest Mountain

Ever since I was little I always liked hiking, I love the rush you get when you finish your hike and you can see the view. When I went to Bogota, Colombia, there were mountains surrounding us in, like a fish bowl and the only way out was to drive up and around the mountains. One day when we were driving on the mountain we stopped at a restaurant that was on the edge of the mountain. I was so scared that I was going to fall off it, but when I reached the edge I couldn’t believe the view. I could see the entire city of Bogota. It didn’t seem so big when you were looking down at it. Ever since that moment I knew I wanted to climb taller mountains with amazing views.

One day I WILL climb Mt Everest, the tallest mountain in the world at an elevation of 29,029 feet. The first people to actually trek up the mountain were Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary in 1953. It’s a very difficult climb and you have to prepare for a long time before you can embark on the exhibition, and a lot of money!

It costs $11,000 to get a single climber permit, then you need all the equipment, it can range anywhere from $28,450-$89,000. That’s a lot of money for one climb! It’s not a quick and easy 1, 2, 3 and you’ve reached the top, it can take anywhere from 6-9 weeks! It’s also freezing cold so you don’t get to enjoy the weather, I’d also need to go shopping for a new warm wardrobe.

After I have all the necessities, I will embark on a journey that 4,000 others have done. I would like to have a friend there with me so that I won’t be the only one freezing to death. I just asked my cousin if she would want to go with me and she said yes, so I will go with her. Then from around 6 to 9 weeks later we will both reach the top, and be able to see the spectacular view! You can’t even see the bottom of the mountain, but the clouds surrounding you! I can’t wait until I am able to see it myself!

View from the top of Mt Everest!

View from the top of Mt Everest!

All my posts end up having my cousin and best friend Kayla in it. I guess that’s because it doesn’t matter where you go but who you go with! That’s why it would be best if Kayla goes on the journey with me, maybe I should rename it: SAP and KVO’s bucket list!


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Route 66

Have you ever just wanted to get in your car, blast your music, and drive? It doesn’t matter where you would travel as long as you have the right friends in the car and good music! I just want to go with my cousin Kayla, I don’t think I would be able to handle my other friends with me in a car for so long.

First would I need some good music! Kayla and I love the same music! I honestly don’t have a favorite artist or band. If a song is good I’ll listen to it, I won’t necessarily like all the songs that artist sings. I also have a wide variety of music I listen to, I LOVE 80’s music! Then there is Disney music, I have memorized every Disney song ever made! Kayla doesn’t know all the lyrics, but that doesn’t stop her from singing at the top of her lungs! We would also listen to newer, more popular music. Anything that would get us pumped up.

Now for a trip we would need to decide where to go! I would want to go to big cities, and also to small towns, anywhere I might want to live! I wanted to do this ever since I started watching Supernatural. Dean and Sam travel to towns which have ghosts or demons inhabiting them, It would be pretty cool to do what they do, but I will be okay with just passing through those towns without dying.

We would have to stay in rinky dink hotels or motels to save money, but it’ll still be fun! We would probably go to tourist areas, and ask for hole in the walls restaurants. Hopefully we would meet super hot guys in the places where we go!

Hopefully we will be able to do this one summer soon!

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